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     Who is 

                   JACI FREEMAN?

In practice since 2011, Jaci's previous 17 years of expertise was devoted to the Hockey World,

blending both performance and mental game coaching.

Jaci is a proven leader in cognitive & visual training. She has studied directly with the developers of the Synaptec™, Dynavision™, &  Neurotracker™ Systems.

She also uses Fitlight™ - The speed & agility light training system for athletes and professionals.


And Jaci is always adding new resources & developing training programs to help you stay on top of the curve!

Jaci's "Be Limitless" program has trained 500 and counting young athletes improve both their sports performance and academic performance...

and achieve their ultimate goals!

Aside from


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The Dynavision D2™ is actually a medical device with a history largely based on sports performance enhancement. But even more so on rehabilitation of stroke and brain injured patients. It has been successfully used to treat those suffering from stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury & other neurological conditions.

The Cognisens Neurotracker™ is extremely well-suited for treating seniors with age related cognitive degradation, and will help restore attention after any neural trauma. Cognisens™ can help seniors retain their driver's licenses and ensure a good quality of life.

The Cognisens Neurotracker™ is also a great treatment for those suffering from ADD or ADHD, and for Autism patients as well.

Please contact us for more information.


I Can Help You

One on One Coaching


Cognisense 3D Neurotracker™

Dynavision D2™

training for vision improvement



#290 2899 Broadmoor Blvd 

Sherwood Park, AB​​

Tel: 780-297-5224


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